Bialowieza Forest


On the Polish side, part of the Bia┼éowie┼╝a Forest is protected as the Bia┼éowie┼╝a National Park, with general area of about 105 km2 (41 sq mi). There is also the Bia┼éowie┼╝a Glade (Polana Bia┼éowieska), with a complex of buildings once owned by the tsars of Russia during the Partitions of Poland. At present, a hotel and restaurant with a parking lot is located there. Guided tours into the strictly controlled areas of the park can be arranged on foot, bike or by horse-drawn carriage. Approximately 120,000 - 150,000 tourists visit the Polish part of the forest annually. Among the group-offers are the bird watching with local ornithologist,watching bison in their natural environment, and sledge and carriage rides with a bonfire. Nature expert guides you can find at Nature Tours "Pygmy Owl" Arek Szymura The popular village of Bia┼éowie┼╝a lies within the forest. Bia┼éowie┼╝a means the White Tower in Old Polish.´╗┐