Pucón is a major centre of adventure tourism in Chile. During the summer, tourist attractions include hiking, rafting, horseback riding, bird watching, fishing, canopy trails, and canyoning. Due to its striking natural surroundings, near a volcano and several lakes, nature reserves and thermal baths, Pucón attracts tourism all year round. In winter and spring, it is possible to go skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of Villarrica volcano or visit thermal baths in the middle of the Valdivian temperate rain forest.


Pucon is a mecca of outdoor activity.  Located approximately 800 kilometers South of Santiago, all sorts of adventure sports, from rafting to biking, fishing to Hiking are available in the area.  The favorite activity has to be climbing the nearby Vulcan Villarica. Its about a 5000ft vertical ascent.  About a third of the climb to the crater is over glacier.  Vulcan Villarica is still active and pouring forth sulpher smoke and flame.  The small village of Pucon is situated on a lake with black volcanic sands, many colorful flowers line the streets and walkways and the Volcano is visible from almost any hotel.  The fit  can take a day hiks to the lakes and the less fit a half day drive to the waterfalls. 


Located on the shores of Caburga Lake, Playa Blanca is a quieter alternative to the crowded Pucón beach. It is a small beach with clear water and light coloured sands, surrounded by trees and a small Myrtle wood, which provide useful shelter from the sun.