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Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America and the third more populous city of the world, with more than 10 million inhabitants. It is the economical capital of Brazil and a very busy place. It is also rich in culture parks and museums. Sao Paulo is centered around the Praça da Se, where there is a stone mark symbolizing the "point zero" of the city. The subway system is clean and efficient but covers only a few areas of the city, although extensions are being made. Interesting neighbourhoods to visit include Jardins, Itaim and the Ibirapuera Park.


The main sights in the city include the different neighborhoods with their special Italian, Japanese or Arabic influences. They have their own characteric atmosphere and it is a lot of fun to just walk around, go to one of the many small restaurants or have a drink somewere. Brazilians say that paulistanos (Sao Paulo locals) live to work and to eat. Which is probably true. Food in Sao Paulo is the best in the country and rivals that of any major capital in the world. If you are there and like to eat meat, make sure you try the rodizios (barbecue) or feijoada (pork and beans - served only on wednesdays and saturdays). The pizzas are also extremely tasteful and a must-eat. You can find it from a wide range of restaurants from the simplest delivery place to fine expensive ones.